Prep Your Home for Fires

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    Be Ready for Fire Season

    If you live in Clark County, you likely remember the annual forest fire warnings. Blazes frequently start across the river in Oregon during the spring and summer, and they can cross over at narrow parts of the Columbia. In 2017, for instance, one ill-timed firework started the Eagle Creek Fire, which caused mandatory evacuations in Skamania County. If worst comes to worst, you can count on Covas Construction as your dependable choice for fire/water restoration in Vancouver, WA, but there are also practical steps that you can take right now to protect your family and possessions.

    Fire Water Restoration Vancouver WA

    Get Your Go Bag Ready

    The Red Cross recommends that every family has an emergency kit ready. You can get pre-made kits from retailers, or you can assemble your own. Make sure to keep the basics:

    • Lots of water, with 12 gallons for a family of four being the minimum for evacuation
    • A first aid kit with disinfectant, gloves, bandages and more
    • Three days or more of your prescription medications
    • Non-perishable food, including packets of freese-dried meat and fruits
    • Laminated copies of important documents, such as birth certificates, insurance contacts, prescriptions and more

    It’s best to keep an entire kit in the trunk of each vehicle that your family owns so you can take off as soon as an evacuation is ordered. If you have the space available, it’s also ideal to pack sleeping bags, extra clothes and other comfort supplies to keep you warm at night.

    You Can’t Take it With You

    Your first priority in a fire is the safety of yourself and your family. You don’t always have time to pack when you need to leave, or you might not be at home when disaster strikes. Investing in a fire-resistant safe is ideal for protecting your most important documents, such as the deed to your house, your will, social security cards, investment documents and precious family heirlooms. The strongest of these units can survive several hours of high heat. In this age of digital information, it’s also wise to make regular backup copies of your files onto a USB drive and keep it in your safe with the rest of your files.

    Fast Reactions for Repairs

    After a fire, the danger to your home is far from over. Exposed areas and large holes in your walls make your home vulnerable to water damage. This is especially true in the Pacific Northwest, which can see rain in all seasons. Located on the banks of the Columbia, Vancouver sits in a zone that nourishes mold growth and rot. Keep a few large tarps, ropes and clips in your vehicle or a convenient storage unit and use them to cover up any holes in your building as soon as it’s safe to do so. Then make sure to call Covas Construction, for a fast response to emergencies. Our experts show up as soon as possible and work to prevent further damage and then fix what’s already occurred so you can get back to living your life.