Fire/Water Restoration Vancouver WA

Fire and Water Restoration

Water Restoration Vancouver WA

If you’ve suffered from a fire, then you understand that water damage typically isn’t far behind. These two damage types often go hand in hand, and we can restore your home to a pre-damaged state whether you’ve experienced one type or both. Fire and water restoration in Vancouver, WA needs to be performed by an experienced restoration company like Covas Construction. It’s a delicate process and every step matters. The sooner you contact us the better. That’s because when it comes to these types of damage, time matters.

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Water damage is what’s known as progressive. That means it multiplies hourly instead of rising at a steady rate. This means time matters and can make a difference in thousands or tens of thousands in restoration costs. We arrive quickly and get to work, stopping damage at the source and taking steps to prevent further damage.

After this is completed our team gets to work extracting water before properly drying and dehumidifying while the damage is assessed. We act quickly because smoke damage can quickly set in and hide in out of the way places. Fire damage is more evident but leaves gaps in the armor of your home, allowing pests and water damage to take hold. Water damage can lead to mold behind walls if it isn’t dealt with quickly. As your total restoration company just some of the areas we can repair damage to include:

Fire Restoration Vancouver WA

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Our fast response time and extensive training make all the difference. Call or contact us to get professional help when you need it most, and restoration designed to salvage as much as possible while maintaining the highest standards for your health and personal safety.